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Learn how the Peace was won...

A must visit for anyone who wants to learn how the longest modern conflict in Europe was resolved.


The Peace Makers Museum is located in the famous Bogside area of Derry in the North of Ireland. The Bogside area has witnessed some of the key events of the conflict including the Battle of the Bogside and Bloody Sunday.

Road to peace...

Throughout the museum you will hear Derry people recount their memories of the protests, parades and violent incidents that took place in the city from the early 1970’s to the late 1990’s. You will also learn of the key role played by three Bogsiders - John Hume, Martin McGuinness and Mitchel McLaughlin - in creating the conditions that have led to the peace we all enjoy today. All three men played a key role in developing the 1998 Good Friday Agreement which provided the political template for resolving the conflict and a peaceful roadmap towards the reunification of Ireland.


The Peace Makers Museum uses artefacts, oral history, archive footage, interactive features and unique displays to explain how we arrived at the Agreement. It also shows how local people resiliently endured decades of occupation, oppression and death on their doorsteps until the peace was won. This is their story.

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The Peacemakers

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Prison Cell

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Riot Room

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The museum offers bespoke packages for academic tour groups including the opportunity to meet with local residents who played a key role in the peace process locally and nationally. We also offer bespoke walking tours through local accredited guides which can be tailored to suit academic groups studying specific areas of the conflict and peace process.

"The definitive record of the North's journey from conflict to peace."
Amy Coyle


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The Peace Makers Museum

Gasyard Centre
128 Lecky Road
BT48 6NP
N Ireland

Monday to Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 11am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed

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